Sports and art: the melting pot

boxing prints

boxing prints

Sports and art can sometimes be seen as independent elements of human culture. There are arty people and sporty people, some might say, but this dichotomy is actually not necessarily true, and examples of sport and art meeting and crossing can be found widely.

A great example of this merging, this melting pot, is in sports pictures, prints and paintings. Here the passion that so many people have for various sports and pursuits is celebrated and reflected through another human passion: art.

The world is full of art loving sportsmen and sports loving artists and it is thanks to such people that you can buy boxing prints, paintings of historical athletics meetings and beautiful photographs of football, cricket and rugby matches.

Such images can be seen in many homes all over the world and this illustrates the clear fact that sports and art do work together and inhabit the minds of millions of people, currying equal favour. Sports and art live happily together today and unless something cataclysmic happens to the nature of humanity, they are sure to live happily ever after.


Muscle toning – seeing the results

Effective muscle toning results in more defined muscle mass.

maximuscle sports supplements

maximuscle sports supplements

There’s no shortage of people looking for effective ways to achieve better muscle toning. Our muscles are an important part of our bodies, so it’s only natural that we should want to keep them in good working order. Whether you are already lifting weights and doing strength exercises in order to achieve good muscle tone, or you’ve decided that you need to make a start, you should look into alternative ways to achieve the muscle toning you’re looking for.

Muscle toning exercises

The results of muscle toning exercises are visible over time. That’s because the right exercises help you to burn calories, reducing the fat layers around your muscles and making them more visible. The stronger your muscles are, and the more you work them, the less fat will cover them and the more visible they will be. Muscle toning exercises give your body definition, allowing you to look strong and healthy as well as feeling it.

Recently, more fitness clubs and personal gyms have been following the “vibration trainer” trend. Although vibration training itself isn’t new, its mass-market appeal is. People looking for efficient muscle toning exercises have been turning to equipment like the Power Plate® because it offers excellent muscle toning exercises in shorter times than traditional gym-based workouts. In fact, with just three, 15-minute sessions per week, you could see a difference in your muscle tone before too long.

Muscle toning – an all-over body programme

Many people think that by concentrating on a particular area of their body they can improve muscle toning. In fact, most physical training experts agree that a full-body workout is the best way to reduce fat and increase the visibility or tone of the muscles. This means that you really need to concentrate on exercises and equipment that works all of the muscles in your body in one way or another. Power Plate® equipment is ideal for this type of training because it’s designed to contract your muscles multiple times per second, giving you a more complete workout than you might get at the gym. Whilst you can adopt different poses and positions using vibration training, all of your muscles will benefit, giving potentially great results in a shorter time than a traditional workout. Another popular option for building muscle is Maximuscle sports supplements.

Great festive gifts for active friends and family

Christmas is now just around the corner and that means it’s time to do some serious shopping. But you don’t want to get generic, dull gifts that people will toss away or ignore after a day or two. You should get your friends and loved ones something useful and fun and exciting. If they are active types then you have a great range of products to choose from, such as the following:

 fox racing uk

Mountain bike

A bike is a classic Christmas gift and a top quality mountain bike would be perfect for a relative who loves to get outside and enjoy an exciting ride. Fox Racing UK produces some superb bicycles which could be ideal to makes someone’s Christmas.



If you have friends or loved ones who like nothing better than a healthy jog then a pair of running shoes would make a great gift. Of course there are some top fashion trainers too such as Cruyff trainers for men with an eye for style.



Kids love scooters and custom JD Bug scooters could make a child’s Christmas an absolutely magical occasion, and give them a toy that will help keep them fit and active for many months to come.

Top sportswear for summer 2012

It may seem some way off at the moment as the nights are long and the weather icy cold, but soon enough summer will return and with it, the sports that so many people love to play. However, to play these sports comfortably there is some essential kit, and in the coming summer the following items are bound to be popular:

 Cricket Helmets -

Lyle and Scott golf shirts

Golf is huge in the UK and next summer the courses will be as full as ever, and you can expect a lot of players to be wearing Lyle and Scott golf shirts. This is because they combine style with comfort and ergonomic design.


Talent Cricket helmets

England are invariably pretty good at cricket and there are thousands of amateur players around the nation and the whole of Britain in need of protection. For this reason Talent Cricket helmets – will come in very handy to prevent any cracked skulls.


Scottsdale Golf clubs

Golf again here because – as mentioned – it is a hugely popular game in these parts, and indeed across the globe. Scottsdale Golf has a range of clubs that will cater for players of all abilities and budgets and allow you to take to the course with the right kit for the task ahead.

Ice Hockey Equipment – Skates and Speed

Are you thinking of taking up ice hockey? To get up to speed, you’ll need to buy the right ice hockey equipments – skates are crucial.

Get your skates on. Ice hockey is like no other sport – it thrives on speed and skill. Played at Olympic level, it’s one of the fastest and most physical sports there is. Considered a national sport in America, it’s no wonder that ice hockey has taken off in the UK too.

Ice Hockey Equipment – Skates and All

The first thing you’ll need to do if you’re considering taking up the sport for leisure or for serious competition is to get kitted out. Ice hockey equipment, skates and protection gear isn’t cheap. But you can find some of the most competitive prices for ice hockey equipment, skates and protection gear online. Specialist outlets such as Skate Attack UK stock some of the most up-to-date, high tech ice hockey equipment, skates and gear with some great deals to be had.

Ice Hockey Equipment – Skates are Key

When it comes to shopping for the gear though you’ll realise that when it comes to ice hockey equipment, skates are central. It’s the skates that make the game – the better your ice hockey skates, the better you’ll be.

Ice Hockey Equipment:


  • Skates – come in all sizes for junior and adult players
  • Protection gear including a gum shield, half visor (if you’re a junior player) and helmet are essential.
  • Special gloves and leg protectors

It may look like you’re ready for a nuclear assault, but the protective gear is essential in a game like ice hockey. It isn’t necessarily dangerous but the specialist ice hockey equipment and skates are designed to accommodate the game, which can be fast and furious.

Ice Hockey – The Basics

It may look chaotic on the ice, but there is method in the madness. There are two teams with a max of 20 in each squad, including two goalkeepers. Only six can be on the ice at any given time – substitutions are frequent. The players take key positions with attack and defence. The aim is simple – to score as many goals as possible with the puck. It’s important you get the right ice hockey equipment – skates, speed and skill are the three ‘S’s’ to remember. Quality equipment is available now from

The Ever Useful Club

Every golf aficionado knows that there are a lot of golf clubs to choose from.

To the average bloke, golf clubs are all the same. It practically looks like a stick with a hook. Truthfully, it really is. But avid golfers will scoff at such a remark. You see, golf clubs have different uses all throughout the golf game. You‘ve got your drivers, putters, sand wedges, and so on. And there are different drivers to boot. It all seems so complicated.

Cobra golf clubs

If you think that’s the end of it, you’re sorely mistaken. There’s one more type of golf club that’s fast becoming a popular “tool” out on the golf course. What? Another one, you say? As if there aren’t already enough golf clubs to choose from here comes one more. It’s called the utility club.

It is actually known in golf circles as the hybrid utility club. As the name suggest, it is a golf club that has several uses. They include the following:

–          They are fantastic “shooters” from the fairway. This is fabulous news for those who have trouble making those long shots with regular drivers. These utility clubs actually afford you greater distances. Something that is perfect for avoiding those bunkers and pesky water hazards.

–          Since they have the ability to travel longer distances, these are likewise perfect for teeing off. This makes it easier to get those balls higher up into the air. What’s more, you are assured of getting on the greens a lot more than you normally would.

–          Besides giving you further distances, utility golf clubs allow players to get out of rough spots a lot more easily. This is because of their design—bigger heads and practically designed for the rough stuff. Perfect for those who normally find themselves in rough turf quite a lot.

–          Just as with those rough spots, these golf clubs are perfect for getting out of sand traps. Again it is a design thing.

–          And of course, what would golf clubs be if they don’t allow you to finish the game? And utility clubs are no exception. These golf clubs likewise make those putts more accurate. Something definitely needed out on the green.

With all these uses, kind of makes one wonder why these golf clubs didn’t come any sooner? Who knows? Their usefulness might just make them stars in their own right. Top brands are available too such as Cobra golf clubs and there are golf club sets for every level of aptitude – from hacker to professional.

Essential modern sportswear and benefits

wetsuits uk

There are literally hundreds of sports going on around the world, requiring different skills and strengths. Individual sports have individual requirements and so do the sportsmen and women playing them. That is why having the right sportswear is absolutely essential. Let’s take a look at a few items of sports clothing that certain athletes simply can not do without.

Wetsuits – a plethora of sub-aqua sports could not take place without the trusty wetsuit and this is an item of sportswear that really is essential to many. Free divers, kayakers, rafters and many more would be left cold or worse without the wetsuits UK retailers offer today.


Thermal sportswear – thermal sportswear is all the rage today in a whole variety of sports from cricket to athletics and 2xU Compression clothing is particularly popular. This clothing can add to a competitor’s comfort but also optimise blood flow and help someone to perform for longer.


Running shoes – without the right running shoes an athlete is at a real disadvantage. The wrong shoes can result in blisters, discomfort and even serious injury if used over a long enough pe


The benefits of these types of sportswear and others that are essential for particular sports are clear. They enable athletes to perform at their best, and that is what sport is all about.